The continuation of education and furthering our skills and understanding is more paramount today than any other time in history.

John is like the English literature professor who gleans meaning from an obscure Shakespearean reference, inviting the student to see the language from a different perspective. He facilitates discussion and thought and is excellent at delving deep into a topic and mining it for additional insight. Because of the Book Club, I’ve gained invaluable awareness about a variety of topics, both professionally and personally.
~ Adam G., Attorney at Law


Every day a new book hits the shelves about business or mindset, or sharing methods that can better our lives, or teach us new concepts, or reteach old concepts but in a way we understand on a deeper level. 
When you're a part of Mastering Life, John curates these books and creates a monthly discussion where we can take and apply the lessons in these books.

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Running a successful business is one thing. But being able to focus on ALL the aspects of your life: fitness, mindset, business and relationships, without the ball dropping in one area can feel like a gargantuan task. 
This program selects best sellers that help us focus on and pay attention to the details of our lives that help us become the humans we strive to be.

"John’s book program, Mastering Life, has been very helpful for me.  First, it has introduced me to great ideas and ways of thinking that I otherwise probably would not have been exposed to.  Many of the books have had a direct impact on the way I live my life and the way I run my business. This had lead to deeper relationships, greater clarity of my purpose, and increased peace of mind.  Having a group webinar where I know that I will be asked to provide insight on my thoughts from the book has increased my focus on the content, which has helped me to learn and actually apply the principles in my life.  Information is abundant and everywhere.  This book club has helped transform information into knowledge and wisdom that has impacted my life and has allowed me to have a greater impact on the world."          ~ Sterling W., CFP, CLU, ChFC Financial Advisor

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Thought leaders from yesterday and today delivering the most life-changing thoughts & concepts, delivered to you monthly.

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Monthly master class dives deep on key take-aways that provide a foundation for the habits and mindsets needed to shift our lives.

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Book notes and videos are provided for takeaways and new lessons discussed during live zoom calls. Prepare for information download.


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Mastering Life


What To Expect

  • Curated readings focused on personal growth within mindset, relationships, business development, fitness & nutrition

  • Audible books delivered monthly

  • Book notes and worksheets

  • Monthly group Zoom calls

  • Videos and supporting materials

  • Private group for support and discussions


"I’m so excited to be apart of John’s book program! First of all, he makes it simple by selecting the book each month.  I’ve been very impressed by the relevance and range of topics, and they are books I wouldn’t have read on my own. What’s different about John’s program is the monthly group discussion calls which allow us to dive into the main themes of the books and  implement those concepts into our businesses and daily lives.  I’ve always believed that leaders are readers and readers become leaders, and I’m thankful to John for my personal growth as a husband, father and business owner."          ~ Joe G., Founder & CEO